Our Mission

We are humbled to base our operations in the former St. Michael’s Church and proud to be revitalizing a historic community gathering place. Our team brings together experienced industry professionals resulting in beer, food, and ambiance that will elevate your senses.
Another part of our mission is to give back to the people around us. To make this happen we are focused on three core values:
Education, Community, and Philanthropy


We believe hope lives in learning and education. By providing this to under-served communities, we seek to enable opportunities that may not otherwise exist. Specifically, founding members Ernst Valery and David Wendell are working to create a summer course hosted within the Ministry of Brewing QC lab that teaches lab skills to high school seniors from the City of Baltimore to help prepare them for future jobs in research or industry where molecular biology skills are needed and valued.


Our location in the former St. Michael’s church has a storied history as a hub of community gathering and engagement. Many Baltimore residents remember attending church services, christenings, and marriages at St. Michael’s, and we intend to respect this past by maintaining the essence of a local family gathering place for the adjacent communities (Washington Hill, Upper Fells, and Butcher’s Hill) as well as the greater Baltimore-area through regular public and private events like meetings, weddings, holiday parties, and fundraisers.


Giving back to the community is a core, shared belief among the Ministry ‘s four founding members. We plan to bring this beyond a feel-good message through education and fundraising. Our brewery’s initial philanthropic efforts will focus on Baltimore’s public school system, working in conjunction with individual elementary schools to understand the most pressing needs of their students and teachers. We will also welcome other fundraising work and invite you to reach out to us discuss your efforts at contact@ministryofbrewing.com.
Ernst Valery
A Baltimore resident and nationwide developer (SAA | EVI), Ernst specializes in transforming the distressed into the vibrant. His focus on improvement is felt at the Ministry from restoring a vacant church to the vision of it becoming an inclusive place for Baltimore residents to learn, meet, and unwind. He is also behind the development of a summer educational program for Baltimore students with his life-long friend and Ministry co-founder David Wendell.
Mike Powell
Mike brings with him the leadership experience and operational expertise that help keeps the Ministry running smoothly. A seasoned veteran of the food industry as a former Panera Bread exec and, more recently, co-founder of Karrikin Spirits, we regard him as a mentor and confidant. Share a few beers with him and he could be yours too!
David Wendell
Co-Founder and Brewer
David is a former member of the Upper Fells community, a brewer and scientist. He runs an Environmental Engineering research lab that specializes in water quality and synthetic biology and holds several patents related to his research discoveries. Ask him about our beers, brewery science or the education program he and Ernst are developing from our lab.
Dave Macala
Head Brewer
Our head brewer, Dave Macala, is a man of many talents: brewer, carpenter, purveyor of bad one-liners. He built much that you may enjoy at our brewery from reclaimed tables to exceptional beers. Dave can help provide beverage advice and movie trivia answers, wake word is “Dave”.
Jon Holley
General Manager
A Maryland native and current Canton resident, Jon knows the Baltimore brewery scene very well. Jon brings with him his wealth of knowledge – both from behind and in front of the bar – and his years of management experience to the Ministry. He is our go-to guy for anything brewery (or pug) related.
About one
Check out our upcoming events – or inquire about having your next hangout in our taproom. For events please email us at events@ministryofbrewing.com
About two
Find us in the former St. Michael’s Church in the Washington Hill/Upper Fells Point-area 1900 E. Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21231
About three
With 32 rotating taps and 53 foot barrel ceilings, a truly unique experience comes to Baltimore.
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