Lady Day


STYLE:American Pale Ale
HOPS:Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial
MALTS:Pale, Munich, Melanoidin, Rye, Flaked Barley

A little hoppy improvisation, if you will. Named after Baltimore‚Äôs own Billie Holiday, this classically styled American Pale Ale has developed into a rotating dry-hop showcase. Every time we brew this beer, we will use a new selection of dry hops – highlighting new flavors that we’re excited to bring to our beer. The base of this beer is a tribute to the original pale ales that paved the way for modern craft beer.

Vol I: Sings
Released: February ’20
Track Listing: Galaxy & El Dorado

Vol II: An Evening with Ministry
Released: June ’20
Track Listing: Summit & Amarillo

Vol III: Self-Titled
Released: July ’20
Track Listing: Styrian Dragon

Vol IV: Beer for Torching
Released: February ’21
Track Listing: Idaho 7

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